Taste and see what a bus tour can be, when you hop on a bus with Steven and me!



I'm a former dairy farmer on a family farm. I met a wonderful woman who was in the Travel Business, she opened my eyes to the world of travel and from there, my life of traveling and the need to show people the great areas of the world began. 5 years ago, I decided that it would be interesting to drive a Motor Coach, and I can tell you the excitement that it gives me to see the joy on passengers faces as we travel the vast country and cities is second to none. My philosophy is that I will do my very best to give the passengers the best experience of a trip; you never know their stories, you just want to add to that story in the best way you can. Live, Love, Laugh, and Taste and See with Jan and me.


After spending almost 20 years in the Travel industry, I decided to take a break and fulfill my lifelong dream of opening a restaurant.  Now after 7 years, Taste and See Restaurant in Sussex has become a sought after destination for those who want to taste and see unique flavours with our creative breakfast and lunch menu while enjoying a Christian (love) atmosphere.   

While I was busy creating things for people to taste and see, my husband quite by accident found his niche in the tourism industry by driving motor coaches for various tour companies.  And without sounding like I am bragging on my husband, he has since become one of the most requested repeat drivers in the motor coach industry.

Now we have created a NEW RECIPE: Two people, who love people, wanting them to Taste and See... everything good that a bus tour can be.